About Me

I'm a passionate outdoor enthusiast living in Saranac Lake, New York, the heart of the breathtaking Adirondack Park. When I'm not exploring the endless water and mountain trails of my home, I enjoy traveling to National Parks in the western U.S. and exploring other remote and rugged locations that offer adventure. My favorite activities include hiking, backpacking, camping, kayaking, biking, skiing and simply wandering around with my camera capturing beauty.

About My Photography

When I look around, I see objects, but I see beyond their form and I see art. It could be a glimmer in water, texture in mud, emotion in a statue or shadows on snow. In everything there is beauty.

My eyes are drawn to the smallest details, they jump out at me like a neon sign on a dark night. I've been told by many that I see things that most people don't notice. When I look around, I'm not just aware of my surroundings, I'm soaking every detail in.

In our fast-paced world, many people don't take the time to stop and look around. They are missing a lot. I make the time to recognize and appreciate the amazing things in our world. But for me it's not all about stunning sunsets and vast mountain views, it's about the simple things. I find more beauty in the simplest of things around me than in anything else.

I hope you enjoy seeing the world through my eyes. Thank you for visiting my website, and please come again, I update it frequently after each adventure. There is never a shortage of images, there is beauty to be captured everywhere, my only regret is not being able to see it all.

Colleen O'Neill